​​​Marilyn Pastel Artist​​

Artist Bio
Marilyn was born in Beatrice, NE,  and lived in Buffalo county for fifty years.  After years of seasonal visits to Taos, New Mexico, Marilyn establish her "POCO TIEMPO" studio in Taos.  Studying independently, she attended workshops with contemporary artists such as Sergi Bongart, Albert Handell, and Ned Jacob.  In 1983 she painted in Italy while living in a sixteenth-century monastery.  Human faces and figures have been a primary subject matter.  As an artist and a woman, she has felt that her life has been a long search for spiritual harmony.  The Navajos call it "HOZHO".
"My art is a celebration of color and light, a reflection of my time and life. Human faces and figures in their infinite variety have been my primary subject matter"
Growing up in a period of abstraction, Marilyn followed a course of realism.  Painting has been her means of expression and all that life gave her.  "Forms, colors, light and its' reflections.  It has been a wonderful journey"   "There is a tremendous hunger to embrace what you see, to touch it, to feel it.  My work is more about feeling than seeing."
Marilyn received her first art award in the 1966 Govenor's Centennial Art Show in Nebraska.  She has illustrated two books in pen and ink, worked in watercolor and sculpture, as well as oils.  Her preferred medium of expression is pastels. 
Her work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA), the Hastings Museum in Nebraska, and in numerous private collections.  She has exhibited in New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado and Idaho.